Introducing Baja Gold's All-New Products!

Introducing Baja Gold's All-New Products!

Baja Gold is proud to share our expanded product portfolio for 2023!

Our team has been hard at work to create new ways to support your health, wellness, and performance through the power of ocean minerals.  We're excited to share these new products with you and your families.  

Baja Gold Mineral Sea Salt

The world's healthiest, most flavorful sea salt has a brand-new look!  We've also expanded our available grain and bag sizes, including the following new products:

And coming later this summer, our Fine Grind and Natural Grain Crystals in a 25 Lb. bag size.  We hope you enjoy!

Baja Gold Liquid Ocean Minerals

Baja Gold Liquid Ocean Minerals are an all-natural, concentrated ionic mineral and trace element solé water created exclusively from Baja Gold Mineral Sea Salt and purified water.  Ocean-based nutrients help support overall wellness and ionic electrolytes provide nature’s spark.  Plus, add to drinking water for a flavorful hydration boost.  Liquid Ocean Minerals can also be used as an oral rinse or anywhere saline solutions may be helpful.
Our 4 Fl. Oz. Tincture was formerly known as 'Baja Gold Solé Solution."  Our 12 Oz. Refill bottle is a convenient 'bulk' supply and all-new for Baja Gold Salt Co.

Baja Gold Ocean Mineral Soak


Baja Gold Sea Salt is naturally harvested from the Sea of Cortez and offers nature’s complete balance of minerals and trace elements (known as ocean minerals).  We’ve paired these powerful ocean minerals with added Magnesium and Sulfate (Epsom Salt) to create Baja Gold Ocean Mineral Soak!

Baja Gold Ocean Mineral Soak features the key ingredients recommended by Mark Sloan in his book Bath Bombs and Balneotherapy.  

Baja Gold Ocean Power Sport

Baja Gold Mineral Sea Salt offers nature’s perfect blend of electrolytes for optimal sport and athletic performance.  In our all-new Ocean Power line, we’ve created products designed to rapidly hydrate and fuel endurance so you can perform your best.  Plus, they’re pre-liquified so you don’t have to mix messy powders or taste unblended ingredients (yuck!)

Baja Gold Ocean Power offers two electrolyte supplements:  Baja Gold Ocean Power BOOST is a single-use workout shot.  Baja Gold Ocean Power CONCENTRATE is a multi-serve liquid concentrate to fuel multiple workouts.  Both feature Ocean Power electrolytes for peak performance!