Our Salt Story

Artisanal, Unprocessed, All-Natural Sea Salt As Nature Intended

Baja Gold Salt Co. is proud to offer the world’s healthiest, most mineral-rich sea salt.  With naturally lower sodium and an incredible concentration of minerals and trace elements, Baja Gold is truly one-of-a-kind.

Baja Gold Beginnings

Baja Gold Sea Salt is harvested at an inland lagoon located in a remote and pristine estuary on the Sea of Cortez in Baja California, MX. One of the most biologically diverse and mineral-rich bodies of water on earth, the Sea of Cortez remains today a clean and undeveloped waterscape.

As the Colorado River formed the Grand Canyon and continued south, tremendous amounts of mineral-rich topsoil were deposited into the river delta area at the northern end of the Sea of Cortez. The estuary and lagoon where Baja Gold is harvested was formed over millions of years by sediment from the Colorado River and the strong tides in the Sea of Cortez.

The estuary and lagoon where Baja Gold is cultivated is flooded with sea water several times each year when the moon is closest to the earth and tides are at their highest levels. As the moon wanes and the tide recedes, sea water is trapped in the lagoon one foot below sea level.

Air temperatures at the lagoon average between 110 – 125ªF (43 – 53ªC). Rainfall is rare. The heat and dry desert winds of the Baja quickly evaporate the water leaving a highly concentrated, dense, and heavier sea water. Once the salinity reaches a precise level of concentration, the seawater is moved into evaporation or crystallization ponds. What is left after the remaining water evaporates becomes Baja Gold Sea Salt.

Heritage Creation Techniques

The tradition of creating sea salt from the Sea of Cortez was first mentioned in pre-Colombian history when its prized product was sent as tribute to the Aztec emperor. Thanks to salt-making traditions inherited and continually passed down through the generations, Baja Gold is produced by using time-tested salt-making methods.

Unlike other sea and table salt brands, Baja Gold is unprocessed and unrefined, harvested from a sea containing lower salinity than the oceans. International salt mining companies wash their sea salt to create clean white salt. This process removes minerals and creates almost pure sodium chloride, which has very limited nutrition value on its own. International regulations require that a product labeled as “table salt” must contain a minimum of 97-99% sodium chloride. The sodium chloride contained in Baja Gold is considerably less at 70-80%, increasing the total mineral and trace element content.

The Most Minerals and Trace Element Nutrients

Unrefined Baja Gold Sea Salt contains all of the minerals and trace elements known to exist in seawater, at higher levels than any other mineral sea salt. Our production process and minor sediment from the sandy floor of the retention ponds provide additional minerals and trace element compounds and give Baja Gold an off-white or slightly beige (or even gray) appearance. The taste and aroma of these compounds, even in minute concentrations, are often detectable by humans.

Depending upon the source, natural sea salts have different mineralities producing many various flavors. Baja Gold Sea Salt from the waters of the Sea of Cortez has the greatest mineral content of all sea salts due to its source and unique way it is created. When sprinkled on food, Baja Gold exhibits a more complex flavor than many other common sea and earth salts, many of which are essentially processed sodium chloride. Baja Gold’s distinct flavor is due to its naturally low sodium and high minerals and trace elements content. Its Sea of Cortez origin also leaves a pleasant ‘sea-air’ scent sure to delight.

Health Practitioner and Chef Recommended

Many health practitioners throughout the world have discovered that all-natural Baja Gold Sea Salt contains many minerals and trace elements that are essential to human health but are lacking in other sea and rock salts. Dr. Eric Berg is a prominent advocate for Baja Gold, and Baja Gold is featured in the practices of many health professionals throughout the United States. We look forward to continue growing our health network. Ask your doctor or holistic healthcare partner about the benefits of Baja Gold Mineral Sea Salt today!

Chefs and culinary artists are also discovering how the minerals and trace elements contained in Baja Gold can bring a new dimension to their creations by increasing gastronomic value with its flavor and soft texture. It is the “Gold Standard” of sea salt arriving at your table unprocessed and unrefined. Baja Gold offers bulk sizes and buying programs for culinary use, contact us for more information today.

Supporting Dr. Murray’s Mission

Baja Gold Sea Salt is produced from the same source as Sea-90 Ocean Minerals, the sea solids that Dr. Murray once identified as a powerful soil remineralizer.  Dr. Murray’s principal goal was to improve the overall nutrient density of foods by ensuring they were grown with all of nature’s minerals and trace elements.  Baja Gold Sea Salt builds upon that mission by offering a healthier, more nutritious sea salt complete with the minerals and trace elements that Dr. Murray recognized as critical to human health.  

For many years Baja Gold’s founder, Robert Cain, received customer requests to make Sea-90 ‘kitchen’ friendly.  Apparently dragging a 50-lb. bag of livestock salt into the kitchen was often frowned upon by the home chef!  Baja Gold Sea Salt was born in 2013 and introduced the world to true unrefined sea salt with all of nature’s minerals and trace elements intact.  

To learn more about Sea Energy Agriculture and Dr. Murray’s work, please visit our sister company at Sea-90 Ocean Minerals.

Introducing Baja Gold Salt Co.!

SeaAgri Solutions is proud to introduce the all-new Baja Gold Salt Co., featuring a refreshed look and product line with the same great mineral nutrients.

Our new portfolio includes:

  • Baja Gold Mineral Sea Salt:  An expanded lineup of the world’s healthiest, most flavorful sea salt.  Now featuring additional package sizes and an all-new grinder assortment!  

  • Baja Gold Ocean Power:  An all-new sport and performance line that brings the endurance and recovery benefits of ocean electrolytes to athletes and weekend warriors alike.

The Baja Gold Salt Co. team remains committed to the preservation of Dr. Murray and Robert’s work, and the expansion of the availability and knowledge of the power of Baja Gold Sea Salt.  Stay tuned for exciting new ways to utilize the power and vitality of the oceans!  

Passionate about Baja Gold, or have ideas on how we can advance our mission?  Let's Chat!