Sodium and Salt

Sodium and Salt

Many of us think of Sodium and 'Salt' as interchangeable terms, however Sodium is actually only one part of 'Salt.'  The other elemental pair to create the culinary seasoning is Chloride.  Together, they form Sodium Chloride (NaCl) - or 'Salt.'

Sea Salts measure their Salt levels by analyzing the Sodium content and Chloride content through a laboratory.  But determining the 'Salt' content is not as simple as adding the Sodium and Chloride together, particularly for mineral-rich Sea Salts.  This is because Chloride is also often bonded with other minerals, such as Magnesium and Potassium, and not exclusively paired with Sodium.  

To determine the true 'Salt' (Sodium Chloride) content, we can rely on the chemical properties of Sodium to calculate how much Chloride the available Sodium could be bonded with.  The common formula for this is to multiple the Sodium content by 2.54:

Source:  Sodium Chloride Equivalent Value

So, we can calculate the 'Salt' content of a Sea Salt by multiplying the Sodium % content by 2.54.  

For Baja Gold Mineral Sea Salt, this looks like the following:

* Baja Gold Sodium:  30.5%

* Baja Gold Sodium Chloride:  77.47%


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