Introducing the All-New Baja Gold Salt Co!

Introducing the All-New Baja Gold Salt Co!

From SeaAgri Solutions, LLC

Monday, July 24th, 2023


SeaAgri Solutions, LLC, the makers of Baja Gold Sea Salt and Sea-90 Ocean Minerals, is proud to announce the launch of the all-new Baja Gold Salt Co.!  Today's launch includes all new branding, a revised and expanded product portfolio, and a state-of-the-art eCommerce website built on the Shopify platform.

New, Modern Branding:

As the industry leader in unrefined sea salt, Baja Gold set out to identify a modern, elegant branding approach that was differentiated from the sea of 'waves' and 'light blues' of competitors.  

The result is a beautiful new branding aesthetic that highlights Baja Gold's premium quality and unique selling point:  Healthy Minerals and Trace Elements.  Our new crystal logo pays tribute to those Minerals as the true 'gems' they are for our health and wellness.

Expanded Product Portfolio:


As we learn more about the incredible benefits of Baja Gold's minerals and trace elements, exciting new use cases come to life.  In addition to an expanded Mineral Sea Salt collection, we're also proud to launch:

  • Baja Gold Liquid Ocean Minerals:  Convenient mineral and trace element tincture supplement to enhance health and wellness through the power of trace elements.  
  • Baja Gold Ocean Mineral Soak:  Baja Gold's complete mineral profile with added Magnesium and Sulfate for the world's most restorative bath and soak.  
  • Baja Gold Ocean Power Sport:  An exciting new line of performance-focused electrolyte products to boost endurance and recovery.  

And stay tuned for additional new products in the months to come!

New Shopify-enabled Website:

In partnership with Pacific IQ, we're proud to introduce the new digital home for Baja Gold Salt Co.:!

This brand-new website is built on the Shopify eCommerce platform and combines state-of-the-art shopping capabilities with a leading educational platform for the benefits of Unrefined Sea Salts.  


All of these exciting new updates are launching on Monday, July 24th with initial shipping available throughout the United States.  For more information about Baja Gold Salt Co. or SeaAgri Solutions, please contact (770) 361-6092 or write to

Baja Gold Salt Co.: