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From Mineral Salt Lovers

Matt S.

"Since incorporating mineral sea salt into my diet”

“I’ve been using Baja Gold Sea Salt to support my daily near-infrared sauna use.  As I sweat out water and electrolytes it’s important to refill my depleted water and mineral levels.  I choose Baja Gold because of its maxed out trace mineral levels.“

John M.

“My wellbeing has improved - it's been life-changing!"

"Baja Gold is by far the best tasting sea salt on the market. I truly believe my body is screaming for those extra naturally occurring essential elements found in your product. Even my next favorite sea salt (Celtic) does not offer the same delicate taste combined with what must be the power of those minerals. As a Certified Health Coach, I will be recommending Baja Gold to all my clients."

James K.

"Incorporating mineral sea salt into my diet has been life-changing"

“Since taking the Solé every day, my crazy stomach has settled down, plus I haven’t been sick in over a year!  I’m a Baja Gold Solé believer!”

Charles M.

Excellent customer service. I love their products!

"We are head over heels for Baja Gold!  It makes our stomachs super happy (our cows too). You can drop Baja Gold in a glass of water, brine with it, cook with it, and garnish any dish you like.  And it tastes amazing."

James A.

I love their products

I like Baja Gold salt; I put it in my drinking water and morning smoothies – it tastes better than the pink Himalayan we used in the past.

Larry F. (via Amazon)

"It’s loaded with all of the important nutrients (potassium and magnesium) as Pink Himalayan salt, only in higher amounts."

Meakie (via Amazon)

"I always thought I did not like salt.  I have now discovered I don’t like sodium.  There is a difference, especially in taste and healthiness.  This salt enhances flavor without salty taste.  The added potassium is great!"

Rebecca (via Amazon)

"The flavor is great and not as salty as other salt.  I love knowing it has so many minerals."

Joanne B. (via Amazon)

"When you taste it you’ll think wow - that is what salt used to taste like!  This is healthy, good-for-you salt.  Our bodies need good mineral-filled salt, and this is it."

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